It's time to clean house, Yeti style! Freeze the intruding humans so you can have some peace and quiet. 


WASD or Arrow Keys: Movement
Left Click: Freeze Breath
Right Click (At Mouse Position): Ice Sheet

Done for the 2020 #lowrezjam in 2 weeks. Everything was created by the team except for base engine code and countdown lettering. Created using the Phaser Engine.


Adrienne Neef - Art / animations
Zack Crozier - Music / SFX
John Harger - Programming

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AuthorsJohn Harger, Adrienne Neef, Archizer
Tags8-Bit, chiptune, LOWREZJAM, phaser, Pixel Art


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Very cool game (get it? lol). I like the music and sound effects a lot!


Great job!!! AGDG!!! :-)


Gourgeous art! And very fun! Had three tries before winning for the first time. Very good music and cool sfx when you're out of time.


This is such a fun little game. Reminds me of trying to catch the rabbit with the star in Mario 64 a little bit for some reason. Good job!