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Made for the New Mexico Game Jam 2017, this game is a dungeon crawler with a twist. Best played with four players, three of them take the roles of the heroes, and the other of the dungeon itself!

The heroes must use game pad controllers (XBox/Playstation works well) and the dungeon master uses the mouse and keyboard. The controls for the PCs are:

  1. Right trigger - shoot
  2. Right bumper - Secondary ability (if applicable)
  3. Primary button (A on Xbox, X on PS controllers) triggers your Ultimate ability

The DM uses tab to cycle between monsters or traps, right click to rotate, and left click to place! Each item costs $, so save up.


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TriDungeon-NMGJ17-Win.zip 25 MB
TriDungeon-NMGJ17-Mac.zip 26 MB


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Unfortunately, this game requires two screens to be able to play effectively. I think doing networking would be really fun, but would people be interested in playing that?